Double Flank Motorized Gear Roll Test Fixture

    Double Flank Motorized Gear Roll Tester
  • Bi-directional vari-speed drive spindle
  • Flexible design to accommodate wide variety of part types with proper tooling
  • Uses a master gear (helical, spur, internal, external, rolling, setting masters)
  • Available options:
    Drive motor encoder
    Linear scale
    Mount for indicator, electronic or mechanical
    PC-based software
    Also available in economic manual hand roll fixtures

    We offer a range of Gears and Artifacts: Helical Gears, Spur Gears, Component Replica Gears, Rolling Master Gears, Lead Masters, FTT Masters, Setting Masters, Setting Discs, Plain Diameter Discs, Lead and Involute Masters. We can make the gears internal or external.

    Slone Gear is a distributor for Spline Gauges.