GearVu™ Laser Measurement Systems

Slone Gear’s non-contact gear measurement system with GearVu™ means that you can check tooth profiles in 7 seconds or less with accuracies of a few microns. This alone is worth the look, but there is so much more. We have designed this gaging system to be maintenance friendly. There are virtually no moving parts. It is vibration resistant, so there are no special mounting requirements. The output format shows a tooth space, so it is intuitive for the less experienced operator, but still provides traditional gear profile charts and numerical results that will be appreciated by an expert. In total, this is a next generation gear gaging system that can spend its life on the shop floor without special handling requirements, and it is going to make your work life easier.

We have teamed with an automation company, and we also are experts in dual flank composite roll testing, so we can provide a complete turn-key, automated measurement system that combines the best of dual flank roll testing with this new revolutionary non-contact gear measurement technology. The end result is a total system that provides more thorough in-line gear inspection capability than ever previously possible. Think of the classic roll tester providing nick, and run-out results, but now you also get profile results in seconds that you could only get before on an analytical machine taking minutes to run! In addition, our flexible software package puts you in control of how you choose to define your tolerance control limits. Band analysis, line analysis, numerical analysis, or a combination of them all, it’s there for you to set up and use to make sure that good product is coming down the line.

But on top of this we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible, and provide customers with the solutions they need for their specific applications. GearVuTM can take the form of a manually loaded bench gage which can be tooled for many parts, and can be used for tool studies, heat treat studies, and machine set ups providing fast feedback without having to wait in the queue at the gear lab. Or it can take the form of a fully automated, in-line gage for a single part with the material handling automation solution to fit the needs in your manufacturing environment. Check out some of the automation possibilities that we already interface with.