Go Spline Ring Gage / Gauge and Taper Master Plug

Tapered-tooth master plugs (TMP) with fit and wear lines are used to monitor the wear of spline ring gages / spline gauges during component manufacture. The spline ring gage is ground to fit the TMP for original and subsequent spline ring gages.

Spline Gages will check the effective and actual tooth thickness.

An option for checking actual and effective tooth thickness is our hand held or bench type Variable Spline Ring/Plug Gage with an analog or digital indicator. Available to check internal, external, straight, involute or helical splines.

If you need to check major / minor diameters and tooth thickness of a parallel spline, check out our Full Form Go Ring Gage / Gauge for Checking External Parallel Splines.

Slone Gear is a distributor of Spline Gauges.