High Accuracy Positioning Systems

High Accuracy 5-Axis Positioning System for custom gaging or manufacturing applications.

Each axis has a direct drive motor and high-resolution encoder to help achieve rotary error motion of ±1 arc second over a 360° move, and linear accuracy of ±1 micron over 8 inches of travel in the X, Y and Z directions.

The 10 inch (250mm) rotary air bearing table with dual read heads is mounted on stacked X-Y linear air bearing stages. The vertical Z-axis linear air bearing with ceramic rail supports a face-mounted 4 inch (100mm) rotary air bearing and is counterbalanced over an air bearing roller sleeve. The bi-level precision granite base is suspended on air bags on a vibration isolation stand to reduce outside interference.


  • Compact and uncluttered design with 5-axis motion
  • Granite, ceramic and steel materials and Invar linear scales for thermal stability
  • X-Y linear stages with vertical stiffness greater than 1 million pounds/inch
  • Rotary error motion: ±1 arc second total over 360° move
  • Accuracy: ±1 micron (±40 micro-inches) over 8 inch (200mm) linear travel in X, Y and Z directions
  • Renishaw encoders and dual Signum 5 nm resolution read heads to eliminate odd error harmonics