Indicating Spline Plug Gauge with Guiding Profile

Versa Dimension Under Balls (DUB) or Dimension Over Pins (DOP) Indicator Gage
Consisting of: measuring head with guiding profile, handle (alternative with stand), and precision indicator.

  • Quick and reliable measurement of the dimension between balls without searching for the reversal point on the indicating unit.
  • Carbide balls in all requested sizes available.
  • Set up to required dimension by using a full or sector form spline setting master ring.

An option for checking actual and effective tooth thickness is our hand held or bench type Variable Spline Ring/Plug Gage with an analog or digital indicator. Available to check internal, external, straight, involute or helical splines. This gage requires a setting gage.

We also offer a bench type 3-Ball Turret DOP gage. This is a bench type masterless dimension over ball/pin measurement gage.

Slone Gear is a distributor of Spline Gauges.