Ultra-Precision Air Bearing MicroForm Roundness Gages / Gauges

ABTech designs and manufactures turnkey MicroForm™ gage/gauge systems for performing ultra-precision form measurements. Each gage incorporates our proven air bearing technology and the latest electronics to deliver ultra-precision results quickly and easily. The MicroForm system was designed to be fully scalable for 6”- up to 36”- diameter tables and larger, if necessary.


Nearly perfect linearity over the full probe measurement range (correlation coefficient of 1) with overall system accuracy under 5.0 micro-inches (0.125 micron); spindle angular error less than 1.0 micro-inch/inch (0.025 micron/25mm); and 0.1 µ” (2.5 nm) resolution.


  • Direct drive motor for fast "automated" measurements
  • Tilt and center worktable assemblies with spherical seat designs (4-knob and 8-knob options) for fine part alignment
  • Dual gage / gauge heads and stands for simultaneous reference data and measurement surface results
  • Vacuum controller and feed through the center to hold sensitive lightweight parts safely and securely