Services and Support

We source all types of gears and splines, both low and high volume, traditional cutting and powdered metal processing.

Let us troubleshoot your manufacturing processes and/or qualify incoming components through analytical or functional measurement.

Our industry experts will help solve your most difficult gear box design and performance problems with our years of experience in Aerospace and Automotive applications.

We will design anew or review your existing gear boxes and gages.

We offer classes on Splines and Gears with a heavy focus on measurement and troubleshooting. We cover basic spline and gear terminology in an animated, easy to visualize approach.

We have a network of the finest gear manufacturing operations in the U.S. to help manufacture and qualify prototype components.

We offer vacuum hard coating to maximize performance and life. Professional experienced technicians guarantee consistent results of the highest quality. We offer the highest level of adhesion.

  • Parts are inspected before cleaning to identify areas of concern. Small holes and unusual polishing compounds can be problems. Slone Gear is able to guarantee results.
  • Custom engineered ultrasonic cleaning and part handling procedures have been developed.
  • Proprietary technology gives your parts longer lasting performance.
  • Assurance testing completed on every production run.
  • Parts are inspected at every critical stage for zero defect coating.
Coating Chart for TiN (Titanium Nitride)
Coating Color: Gold
Hardness (HV): 2300-2500
Coefficient of Friction (COF): 0.4
Coating Temp (F): 700
Coating Thickness (µ = microns):
Industry Standard: 2.2µ - 3.2µ
Maxium Range: 1µ - 8µ
Tolerance: 2.5µ +/- 20%