TiN Coating

We offer vacuum hard coating to maximize performance and life. Professional experienced technicians guarantee consistent results of the highest quality. We offer the highest level of adhesion.

  • Parts are inspected before cleaning to identify areas of concern. Small holes and unusual polishing compounds can be problems. Slone Gear is able to guarantee results.
  • Custom engineered ultrasonic cleaning and part handling procedures have been developed.
  • Proprietary technology gives your parts longer lasting performance.
  • Assurance testing completed on every production run.
  • Parts are inspected at every critical stage for zero defect coating.
Coating Chart for TiN (Titanium Nitride)
Coating Color: Gold
Hardness (HV): 2300-2500
Coefficient of Friction (COF): 0.4
Coating Temp (F): 700
Coating Thickness (µ = microns):
Industry Standard: 2.2µ - 3.2µ
Maxium Range: 1µ - 8µ
Tolerance: 2.5µ +/- 20%