Meet Our Founders

Fear is a common emotion that delays or prevents entrepreneurs from leaving the comfort of their corporate jobs to implement their dream of owning a business. That same fear can serve as a motivator to take a risk and not wonder “what if?” years down the road. Brian Slone and Eric Graham understand that dilemma. They have lived it, and their path led to a business partnership that spurred them to launch Slone Gear, the nation’s first gear measurement company to incorporate laser technology and advanced Master Gear applications. The Tipp City, Ohio-based firm is debuting its next generation fully automatic laser measurement system, enhanced with precision tools like spline gages and ring gauges for comprehensive gear analysis. They have the interest of the Big Three American automakers as well as the leading manufacturer of electric automobiles, all recognizing the value of Slone Gear’s innovative approach to roll testing and composite testing.

A full-service, shop floor gear measurement enterprise offering everything from hand gages to fully automatic laser measurement systems, Slone Gear’s mission is to move inspection closer to the manufacturing machine, utilizing internal master gears and external master gears to ensure the highest accuracy in gear evaluation. This commitment to quality and precision underlines Slone Gear’s role as a critical partner in the gear manufacturing process, from concentricity gauges for alignment checks to plug gages for internal inspections.

Slone Gear Master Gears Team in Tipp City

Meet Our Management Team

Kim Barnett Director Gages & Hardware

Kim Barnett
Director, Gages & Hardware

Brian Everson Director Software Engineering for Slone Gear Precision Gear Measurement

Brian Everson
Director, Software Engineering

Eric Graham Chief Executive Officer of Slone Gear

Eric Graham
Chief Executive Officer

Patricia Kukulka President of Slone Gear Precision Gear Measurement

Patricia Kukulka

Brian Slone Chairman Chief Technology Officer for Slone Gear

Brian Slone
Chairman, Chief Technology Officer

Tim Sparling Controller for Slone Gear Precision Gear Measurement

Tim Sparling

Rich Warns VP of Applied Technology for Slone Gear Precision Master Gears Measurement

Rich Warns
VP of Applied Technology

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