GearVU® System Options

PIVOT™ IL/OL: “In-Line” (on-board) or “Off-line” Solutions

In-Line Solution:

The PIVOT™ System is a non-contact gear measurement solution for spline gages and master gears that can be integrated into a gear machining cell or installed as a stand-alone unit adjacent to the manufacturing machine. This system, powered by Slone Gear’s GearVU® software, offers immediate feedback for roll testing and gear inspection.

System Highlights:

  • NON-CONTACT: no probe-tip wear or durability concerns
  • FAST: measures profile form of a tooth space in under 2 seconds
  • SHOP HARDENED: Designed and built for the plant floor
  • AUTOMATION: Designed for robot load and unload (flexible to customer preference – any pick and place option)
  • PROCESS CONTROL: 100% Inspection capable
  • FLEXIBLE: Measurements of gear geometry include (but are not limited to) Profile Form and DOB/Tooth Thickness
  • SMALL: Small Footprint of system
  • TRACEABILITY: catalog your serialized part results
  • PRECISION: high correlation to analytical lab machines
  • GEARVU® SOFTWARE: user-friendly, designed for machine operators with machine feedback options

How many baskets of gears or pinions do you have quarantined? This shop floor audit device is designed to empower plant leaders to catch gears that would otherwise be rejected for quality reasons as early in the manufacturing process as possible. With a potential 6-12 month payback, our affordable solution should be considered for any high-volume, high-accuracy gear production application. The PIVOT™ was created for integration into a gear grinding cell and has evolved to offer incredible flexibility keeping with Slone Gear’s mission to shift gear measurement toward the manufacturing machine.

In-line gear inspection setup adjacent to machine for spline gage and master gear analysis

In-Line, Adjacent to Machine

In-machine pivot laser gear inspection for real-time spline and master gear quality control

In-Line, In-Machine


Gear Measurement Software

GearVU® software, featuring roll tester compatibility, is built for speed and uniquely designed for shop floor applications, including spline ring and master gear inspection. Its visual representation of a tooth space simplifies analysis, quickly pinpointing imperfections. Our user-friendly software can be installed on non-contact systems such as Slone Gear’s PIVOT™ and probe-based systems such as Renishaw’s EQUATOR™.

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GearVU® software interface showcasing precision inspection for spline and master gears



Laser System

The PIVOT™ Laser System paired with our GearVU® software is the ultimate solution for measuring gears at the speed of light®. This unique gaging system can be manual, semi-automated, or full-automated.


VERY FAST– Under 7 seconds

CHECK FOR PROFILE FORM ERRORS from grinding wheel breakdown



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Probe System

The EQUATOR™ gaging system facilitates process control by delivering highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, versatile, and reprogrammable gaging for master gears and spline gages to the shop floor.


FAST – 30 seconds – 2 minutes

CHECK A VARIETY OF GEAR FEATURES including profile, helix, PD runout)



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GearVU® software interface showcasing precision inspection for spline and master gears

GearVU® installed on the PIVOT™ Laser System measures:

  • Profile (Fα, fHα, ffα, Cα)
  • Major Diameter
  • Minor Diameter
  • Crown
  • DOP/Tooth Thickness

GearVU® installed on probe-based systems (like the EQUATOR™) measures:

  • Profile (Fα, fHα, ffα, Cα)
  • Lead (Fβ, fHβ, ffβ, Cβ)
  • Index
  • PD Runout
  • Major Diameter
  • Minor Diameter
  • Crown
  • DOP/Tooth Thickness

When paired with our GageVU™ software, you can also measure basic gear-related features such as: parallelism, perpendicularity, concentricity, PD runout, flatness, roundness, distances, diameters, DOB, etc.

GearVU® software requires minimal training and is independently programmable by the customer. Designed for the floor operators, the screen changes to green for an accepted part and red for a rejected part based on your input criteria and tolerances.

GearVU® software inspection for spline and master gears
GearVU® software interface showcasing precision inspection for spline and master gears
Pivot Laser 3.0 System for cutting-edge non-contact inspection of spline gages and master gears.

The PIVOT™ Laser System was developed out of pure passion for gear measurement. Our customers sought alternatives to traditional lab measurement solutions, desiring a system like the PIVOT™ that can measure master gears and spline gages as fast as they are produced, directly at the manufacturing machine.

The PIVOT™ Laser System allows you to reduce lab queues, eliminate large batches of suspect parts, and ultimately increase your throughput. By measuring parts in under 7 seconds, you can quickly detect when there is a breakdown in manufacturing and better control your process.

What does that mean for you? Cost Savings. Profile form errors make up the majority of rejects for ground gears so the PIVOT™ Laser System was designed to check profile form in under 7 seconds including load and unload time. This unique gage is fast, highly flexible, and its compact design takes up a minimal amount of space on your shop floor.

What’s new with the PIVOT™ Laser System 3.0?

We added a servo-controlled, laser alignment head – What does this mean for you?


  • Single tooth flank alignment
  • User-independent part programming
  • Pre-programmed alignment settings
  • Easier to use system
  • Wide part flexibility


  • Increased accuracy & repeatability
  • Less reliance on manufacturer
  • Fast part change-over, under 5 minutes
  • Less training, quick implementation
  • Cost-effective, efficient solution


Equator high-precision gage measurement machine for detailed analysis of spline and master gear dimensions

The EQUATOR™ is an off-the-shelf inspection machine supplied by Renishaw. GearVU® turns the EQUATOR™ into a mini gear measurement machine which can provide Profile, Lead, DOB/Tooth Thickness and PD Run Out results. GageVU™, another software package that comes standard with any GearVU®/EQUATOR™ purchase, provides a means of checking basic features including diameters, distances, taper, parallelism, perpendicularity, roundness, flatness, and run out. The GearVU® EQUATOR™ system is designed to be used on the shop floor, and provides manufacturing personnel with fast feedback regarding their part quality, all done in close proximity to their machines. Having access to this fast feedback results in increased operator confidence and reduced scrap.

These systems serve as flexible fixture gages which have the advantage of being re-programmable. If part features or dimensions change it is not a problem. The software allows the gage to be modified quickly and easily as no hardware modifications are necessary. The GearVU® EQUATOR™ can readily be moved to another location and re-purposed when necessary, thereby providing the plant with maximum flexibility. Only 110V electricity is required. A key part of Slone Gear’s mission is to provide system users and management with robust, shop hardened measurement technologies which are designed to make life easier. We put a lot of time and effort into making our measurement systems and the software intuitive and easy to use. Our best case scenario is to get input from the end user as early in the process as possible so that we are all working together to provide a measurement system which exceeds expectations across the board.

And it just keeps getting better! Ask us about our new premium option that includes a Rotary Table for even more advanced capability. We would love to show you how this system can drastically change your shop floor gear measurement approach; please reach out to request a demo.

Measuring Gears at the Speed of Light®

Join us as we pivot the industry from probes to lasers, from labs to the shop floor, and from hours to seconds!

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