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Tim Sparling Controller for Slone Gear Precision Gear Measurement

Tim Sparling


There is simply no one in the world like Tim Sparling. Trustworthy, reliable, and thorough to a fault, this is the guy you’d want by your side going into battle – if the battle were taking place at a QuickBooks convention. “It might take me a couple days but I can do that”… then you have what you need in your inbox an hour later. When it comes to your company’s financial performance, there is no “t” left uncrossed, every “i” is dotted, and no questions is unanswered – what a great position to be in when you need to make decisions! What would we do without you, Tim?

Measuring Gears at the Speed of Light®

Join us as we pivot the industry from probes to lasers, from labs to the shop floor, and from hours to seconds!

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